Top 10 Things That Could Have Been In The Shed

4/13/17: Today was Media Day for the much anticipated wooden coaster, Mystic Timbers, at Kings Island. Members of coaster clubs and news crews from all around the area got their first glimpses and rides on the new coaster. Even though its height is a towering 109′, the speed clocks in at 53 mph, and it […]

Communication on the Rails: Monorail Magic

The safety of our guests and the efficiency of our services are the primary goals of a monorail operator. However, as Disney employees, we must make sure the experience on the monorail is special and unique for each guest, just as a character performer or custodian is expected to make guest experiences magical. Monorail operators […]

Communication on the Rails: Teamwork

Monorail operators are very rarely alone while on the job, and teamwork is heavily incorporated in our role. As monorail cast members, we rely on each other to safely and efficiently bring guests to their desired destinations. Our constant reliance on each other and small numbers have led us to being a very tight-knit community. […]

Communication on the Rails: Audience Control

When guests visit Walt Disney World, they visit from all over the world. Many of them become lost, confused, tired, excited, and any other state of mind or emotion. To help ease guest tension, monorail operators have a specific role designation known as “audience control.” Audience control (A/C) is a unique role, since monorail operators […]

Communication on the Rails: Opening a Station

Throughout my training, I was required to be able to open monorail platforms as well as being able to close them. Although I will be a member of the closing group after training, the monorail platform assessment generally consists of opening procedures, since opening the station requires a few extra processes than closing a station. […]